4 Absurd Myths About Home Appliances

It’s surprising that even in this information age, ton of myths float about almost everything. Sounds unpleasant but most of the people believe in various useless myths regarding everyday appliances. Let us unveil the 4 most common myths and figure out if any of them ha s truth to it or not.

oven repair

1: Appliances in stand-by mode consume zero power

Maximum people among us think that just because the microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator in not running, they are away from consuming electricity. However, truth is that even sleeping appliances use power. Yes, that’s true. It has been observed that sleeping appliances take up between 15 and 30 watts every hour. What to do now? Well, besides shutting the appliance off, make sure to unplug it as well.

2: Microwave emits harmful radiation

This sound absurd but there are people who think that microwaves kick out risky radiation. No doubt, microwave use radiation to heat the food, it is harmful only when a person comes into direct contact with the radiation, which is something impossible.

3: Dishes should be pre-rinsed before putting in the dishwasher

If you have this habit of rinsing off every bit of food from the plates before putting in the dishwasher, remember, it causes more harm than good. This is because without grease and grime, alkaline level is quite higher than it should be. This will create scratches and cloudiness on the dishes.

4: Dishwashers fill all the way up with water during a cycle

Professionals like appliance repair San Jose come across this issue the most. It is important to understand that the only part that fills up with water is the tub that’s below the door level. Washing is done with water jets on the rotating arms. Hence, feel free to open the dishwasher during the cycle without worrying about flooding the kitchen.

Stop believing these myths right now as there’s nothing true about them. Use your appliances the right way and be careful towards their maintenance. At times of repair or serious issues, contact industry experts like appliance repair San Jose CA and get timely services at affordable price.



Refrigerator Repair Service – The Home Appliances A Person Cannot Live Without

Modern lifestyle is often blamed to pour stress and challenges in human lives. However, many conveniences and comforts make it easier to face the uncertainties of life. As a result of the ideas, concepts and inventions done by forefathers, life is comfortable, especially inside your sweet home. It will be too difficult to imagine a modern American house without electrical appliances like the dishwasher, washing machine and many more. Though with the passage of time and use, they degrade and break down at one point of time. You may call the technicians for refrigerator repair service when it starts warming up some otherwise fine day. Even the technical assistance is the boon of technological advancement.


If you prepare a list of appliances surrounding you, it will take long. Run down the schedule of yours on a typical day. One usually looks for cold water that you get from refrigerator. You adjust the temperature of your Air Conditioner according to the room temperature requirement. You head to kitchen to fetch something to eat and realize you want to do the dishes first. By the time your dishwasher helps you clean the plates, your microwave is ready to serve you to bake your favorite cookies. It is astonishing how some co-incidences and lucky accidents lead to these inventions. While other remain to be mysteries, some are purely based on scientific fundamentals.

Woman Looking At Worker Repairing Oven

Heading to your bathroom, you see heap of dirty clothes. You thanked God you have a washer to reduce the load and simplify the hefty task for all homemakers. Even when it is not giving you the best performance, you may share your worries with appliance repair San Jose professional. Contributing to the ease home appliances provide you, the fast repair work gives you no reason to feel sad.

Try and look around to see and feel the delights your life is gifted with. Who knows you can also be future father of an invention.


Get Your Broken Appliance Fixed At Easy Price

Thanks to technology for inventing home appliances and making our life easy, simple and fast. Also, thanks to appliance repair service provider for fixing the broken devices and getting us back to work. Gone are the days when one had to complete household chores by themselves by putting in efforts and giving time. With advanced technology, there are appliances available for every task and one can easily do their work in less time with accuracy.

Be it washing clothes, dishes, storing food, baking cake or anything, devices that support these tasks are now available. To wash the clothes, we have washing machine’ to dry the clothes, we have dryer, to cook food items, we have microwave oven; to protect the food from spoiling, we have refrigerator and to wash the dishes, we have dishwasher. As these equipments are used daily, they undergo faults and errors at time. However, with appliance repair San Jose , it is possible to get the issues fixed and get back the devices in action.


No matter what time you need the help, the technicians are available 24/7. Simply call them and they will reach you with best tools and world-class solutions. At very competitive fee, you will be helped with the best possible services.

Though there are many professionals available these days, when it comes to go for the best ones, appliance repair San Jose CA ace it. With years of experience and technical skills, they identify the problem, its reason and fix it in the shortest time. Whatever brand the appliance belongs to and how old it is, experts are proficient in fixing them all.
If you have any broken appliance or your appliance is not operating smoothly, contact the professionals and avail their services at genuine price. Make sure to choose the right experts, else you will waste time & money and the damage will worsen more.

Appliance Repair & Maintenance Service At Your Doorstep

Everyone wants to use electrical appliances by as much as needed but with fewer bills. Fortunately, this is possible with the help of some alternatives that are proven solutions for getting more and spending less. Yes, you read that right. Want to know those wonderful tips? Check out them below:


  1. For oven: As per professionals such as appliance repair San Jose, microwave oven when not sealed properly lead to approximately 20% heat loss. Hence, to reduce the power consumption and bill, make sure to seal the oven properly.
  1. For air conditioner: Dirty and blocked filters cause load on air conditioning unit and makes it difficult for the appliance to work properly. Need not say, this increases the bill by decreasing the efficiency. Therefore, make sure to clean the filters after duration of two to four weeks.
  1. For refrigerator: When the water filter turns faulty, it contaminates the water quality and strains the unit. To solve the problem and reduce the bill, it is advised to maintain the refrigerator.
  1. For dishwasher: When this appliance is not taken care of regularly, it undergoes stress. Therefore, it is suggested to clean the bottom edge and clean the door gaskets clean with water and bleach. Doing so will avoid leakage. This is quite a good way to save on your funds.

Home appliances make everyday life better, simpler and faster by doing things smoothly in less time. However, to continue getting their benefits, it is important to keep an eye on their maintenance. Appliance repair San Jose CA offers services and solutions that are affordable and world-class. Simply call the experts, address the issue and they will visit you in minimum time. By identifying the issue, best services will be offered instantly. Whatever appliance you are facing problems with, get it examined and fix the error in shortest time.


Get Your Broken Home Appliances Fixed Now!

Are you facing sudden issues in your washer or dryer? Is the dishwasher leaking on the floor from past few days? Or, is you refrigerator not working as it should be? Whatever problem you are going through, get it fixed immediately with the services offered by the professionals. Fixing the fault on your own is not possible every time and during such times, it is good to take help from the professionals. Best thing is that these services are available for every brand along with every make & model. Hence, no need to stress yourself and feel sorry for your broken appliance as you can get the repair services right at your doorstep.


It is important to know that when you appoint the right professionals such as appliance repair San Jose CA , you get to enjoy many benefits. Wan to know them? Here they are:

  • Warranty of replacement parts
  • Fully insured technicians
  • Affordable price
  • Certified and experienced services
  • Timely assistance
  • No fraud or risk

Appliances have made life easy and have become important for everyone. Not only they complete the tasks in minimum time but also accomplish them accurately. Besides, for those who are busy 24/7 and hardly find free time, having appliances that work error free has major pros.


Though you can improve the performance of your equipments with maintenance and regular care, faults are something that can’t be avoided. This is because the more we use these devices, the more they experience issues. However, sometime the problems are not that big.

As there are many professionals who offer world-class services, you need to be careful when hiring the best. Professionals such as appliance repair San Jose are certified, have years of experience and the right set of tools. Moreover, their price plan is also genuine. When hiring the experts, make sure to check all these essential factors. Avail world-class services now and get the errors of your appliances fixed the right way.


Repair Your Broken Appliances And Prevent Further consequences

Appliances are an integral part of everyone’s life. No matter how lazy or tired one feels, with the help of appliances that work efficiently, completing the task is possible within minutes. Other advantage they provide is giving time to focus on other important things. Due to these reasons, imagining a day without these devices is simply impossible. As important these equipments are, their maintenance is equally important. This is because the more we are careful towards maintaining them, the more we increase their life. However, faults are something that are still inevitable. This is the reason appliance repair services are quite important.


Let’s assume a situation where you have to prepare food in large quantity. Now, if your fridge is wrong alright, you can easily store all the food and use it later. However, if it is not cooling properly, all your efforts will go in vain. Thankfully, there is standard refrigerator repair service available which helps one get the needed assistance on time. Hence, whatever issue your fridge is going through, you can get it fixed by the help of professional services. Apart from providing expert help, you will get timely help at very genuine price.

Talking about another important appliance, it is something that is needed to wash and dry the clothes properly. Yes, we are talking about washing machine. This amazing device completes the time taking task of washing the clothes in minutes. However, some people do not handle it the right way and end up with consequences. Using excess detergent, overloading the machine or using less water, affects the performance of the equipment. If you are bearing the side effects of these mistakes, feel free to contact washing machine repair San Jose and get back your device as it was earlier.

Overall, there are appliance repair services for every type of device and brand. Anytime you find yourself in need, hire the certified professionals right away.


8 Tips For Long & Efficient Life Of Your Washing Machine

Ever home appliance is important in its own way, as it makes life easier and simpler. Talking about washing machine, it makes things smooth and hassle free by washing the clothes within minutes along with drying them. However, to ensure the device remains fault free, it is important to maintain it through regular care.

Check out some useful tips suggested by appliance repair San Jose to preserve the efficiency of the machine.


  1. Regular maintenance: Once the clothes are washed, keep the door of the machine open and let the moisture and dampness dry. If the clothes were very dirty or greasy, clean the machine walls and tub.

  1. Be careful what are you washing: Washing heavy carpets and rubber mats put pressure and leads to internal damage. Hence, avoid washing them.

  1. Clean the interiors: Detach the removable lint filter and remove all the lint that accumulates from clothes. If the clothes have a layer of fluff on them, check the filter. Remove the grease and detergent build up from the tub, water pipes and dispenser.

  1. Avoid excess detergent: Wash clothes in small loads using less detergent. Excess detergent not only damages the clothes but also the motor and water pipes.


  1. Check settings: Choosing the right setting is very important. For standard loads, opt for normal wash. For gentle clothes, go for medium wash. For greasy loads, use strong wash.


  1. Do not overload: Overload puts pressure on the motor leading to overheating. Moreover, it interrupts with spinning as well.

  1. Look for rust: Look for rust in the tub. If the rust does not way even after trying to remove it, it would be good to get the tub changed. Pipes are also prone to turn rusty; hence, check them as well.


  1. Check the dryer: After each cycle, remove the lint from the dryer, as it clogs the filter and restricts the air flow. This in turn overheats the dryer.


Follow these tips for the increased life of your machine. However, in case of professional help, feel free to get assistance from washing machine repair San Jose.